Lionel Lofton - Abstract Painter and Collagist

Artist Statement

As an artist, I would have my work take you on a journey.  My work should help you document everyday living experiences from work to play, from life to death, and from sadness to happiness.  Come and journey with me for Life is an ever evolving experience, full of new insights from day to day. 

I am concerned with the art of exploring and creating art that speaks to me and others.  My art productions are about our environment, life experiences, and our spiritual being.  My response to the world exemplifies the educational and functional response to the world around me.           

I use vibrant colors, forms, shapes, and textures.  Serigraphs, monotypes, lithographs, acrylics, watercolors, and mixed-media collages, dynamically shape my repertoire.  Also, I use art techniques like dry brush techniques, wet on wet, slashing and many other media techniques  to express the relationship between a concept and a visual reference.  

Using Format